Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I'm Writing

I'll admit it. I have a conservative streak a mile wide. When I say conservative, I don't mean my politics--I'm fairly progressive--I mean my temperament. So naturally, the thought of going to a protest is beyond distasteful to me (this is meant as no offense to those who did--someone has to do it). I want to provide support for the gay rights movement without having to do things that I neither enjoy doing nor am very good at.

The solution to this problem is to do what I am good at--writing essays that (I hope) provide a reasoned argument in favor of gay rights. I approach my essays as an advocate. I am not going to make any pretense of neutrality. I will, however, give everyone who comments here a fair shake, and attempt to engage all arguments made in good faith.

If you comment here, please be aware of two rules: first, stay on topic. Second, be respectful of me and your fellow commenters. Violation of either of these two rules is grounds for warnings and/or comment deletion. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the blog--feel free to comment or just lurk. Next week I should have a couple of posts dealing with the legal arguments in the California Supreme Court's review of Prop 8. Until then, enjoy the wackiness of this amicus letter urging the court not to review Prop 8. I especially like where the "heiress of the almighty creator" digresses into abortion and the Iraq War...

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