Friday, January 16, 2009

From the department of unfortunate metaphors

Compare the colloquy beginning at 1:05 of this clip with this paper by Lynn Wardle (pdf), in his paper explaining why gays will destroy marriage as a moral institution:

As to both the general moral norms and the specific moral precepts that are linked with conjugal marriage, the morality of marriage reflects the conjugal nature of the institution of marriage. It is designed to fit the conjugal relationship like a well-tailored glove, to support, liberate, nurture, enhance, and strengthen that particular kind of relationship. Inserting the entirely different hand of same-sex relationships into that “glove,” as it were, and trying to force the customized morality tailored for male-female, chaste, faithful, committed, etc., relationship of conjugal marriage onto the gay or lesbian couples hand of profoundly different dimensions, size, bulk, and structure is to invite frustration for same-sex couples, and distortion and tearing of the stitching and fabric of the glove created for an entirely different kind of hand.

Yes, this is the same paper where he talks about the "rubbing off" going both ways. Comedy gold...

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