Thursday, January 7, 2010

A grand conspiracy

Apparently, the global warming conspiracy isn't limited to Al Gore--LBJ, Frank Capra, Charlton Heston were all inon it:

(but seriously, can someone tell me--where is the profit in this plan of "manufacturing a climate change conspiracy for fun and profit"? Whenever I hear someone talk about how this is a big conspiracy, I can't help but think of this diagram:


j4k said...

Charlie said...

Ya, it seems like the multi-billion dollar oil industry would be much better equipped to finance and orchestrate a REAL conspiracy. Say, a conspiracy to manipulate conservative American culture into blindly and categorically discrediting the global scientific consensus on global warming as an evil myth whose profitability somehow rivals that of the oil and coal industries. A conspiracy to get self-proclaimed Christians to not just reject but passionately hate and fight against a movement that suggests taking better care of the earth God gave us. Well done, evil geniuses!

Stephen said...

Well, in general the conspiracy is similar to the one to push low-fat food -- which has resulted in increased obesity and heart disease.

Cardiologists have gone from making less than dermatologists to half a million dollars a year.

And they feel good about themselves.

But most conspiracies are more about attention, prestige and proving yourself right.